Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday Mischief. Special guest Honey St. Bernard.

Luna, A Dog's LifeWell I couldn't let Sugar have all the blogging fun. Just because I am a senior, doesn't mean I am not down with the dog blog. Sugar and I still love our foster family, but have had great news that our Mom has found a Saint Bernard friendly new home.

Daffodils did you say?
I have been up to all kinds of mischief this weekend.  Originally Saint Bernards came from Switzerland, so we aren't bothered by the cold weather. I enjoy exploring in the garden, but when I get tired I just have to stop where I am, and have a rest. Unfortunately today I stopped in the flowerbed, squashing a few spring bulbs and some snowdrops.

I also found this handy glasshouse, it is nice to come out of the cold and warm my bones in here. I can see everything that is going on,  I can watch the other dogs having fun.

It's a little bjoux, but I love it
I am really getting confident in my foster home, so when the neighbours walk by I love to shout hello at them. I have got the loudest woof round here, that's for sure.

My foster home is a bit strange, my home is all one big room divided into areas.  This foster home has walls everywhere, and holes in the walls with large pieces of wood Dexter says are called doors. I have never seen these doors before so I like to test them first, I push them shut with my paw, and then I give them a real good head butt. Trouble is once the door is shut firm you need to call a human to open them. My foster Mum has been putting objects against the doors to keep them open, because she thought I was scared of them. But it's really fun to push those objects out the way, and close the doors again.
Getting the zzs in before walkies.

I have to go, Mom is coming to take me for a walk. She told me that my new house doesnt have doors. I asked if she could get me a glasshouse!  Nice chatting with you.
Honey x
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  1. I love to watch dogs explore a new house.

  2. Maybe someday you can learn to open the doors too Honey. :)

  3. Honey is such a cutie! Best wishes in your new home sweetie!

  4. Honey is adorable! I am sure the spring bulbs will grow back very soon, after all, big dogs have to just plop down whenever and wherever they want!

    Thanks so much for joining the hop today!!