Fun Dog Shows

Dexter loves going to fun dog shows, it is a great way to meet other doggies and their people. You also might just win a prize or two (sometimes the prizes are even edible).

Dexter's Fun Dog Show Tips
1. Take lots of treats to help keep your dog's attention on you in the ring.
2. Don't to forget to take water, poo bags and a favourite toy.
3. Classes such as "Most Handsome Dog" are very popular. If you want to maximise your chances of coming home with a prize, enter a few different classes, and go for some of the harder classes such as "Best Trick".
4.Fun dog shows are for any type or breed of dog including crossbreeds. There are even classes for older dogs for example "Best Veteran"
5 .HAVE FUN. Fun dog shows are meant to be just that, no one is expecting Crufts style handling in the ring. For lots of people it will be the first time, they have entered a competition with their dog.

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