Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Mischief- Honey goes swimming (almost).

Luna, A Dog's LifeSugar and Honey the St Bernard's who were staying with us, have gone to stay with their Grandma, before they move into their new home.  We made sure that we made the most of our last weekend and kept Mum on her toes.

Try to stay away from the edge now Honey
We were all playing in the garden on Saturday morning. We thought that it might snow it was so cold. Sugar and I were running round the garden really, really fast. Honey was having a nice snooze by the pond. No matter how cold it is, Honey will just sleep anywhere, she never notices the cold. This week Dad had let her out into the garden at 11pm, he wondered what was taking so long, he found her sleep under the (empty) chicken house.  Barking! 

Well Mum just had a feeling something was about to happen,  Honey had moved closer to the edge of the pond, and Sugar and I were running faster and faster.... when Sugar and I went skidding into Honey.  Of course 100 kilos of Honey, takes some moving. Only  Honey's back paw and tail fell into the pond and Honey didn't even notice. It took some persuading to wake her up and come into the warm so Mum could dry her off.

We are all really tired today, Honey also gets confused because she is a little bit elderly now. She woke up at three am this morning and barked until Mum came to see her. Sugar and I thought that was a great opportunity to do some more playing. It wasn't until 5am that Mum managed to get us all settled back to sleep.

I miss my St Bernard buddies, but I really need to catch up on my sleep.  Night Night, High Five! Dexter
So very sleepy 
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  1. Poor Honey...we have an older cat that will be sleeping in the pouring rain and not even realize it! Mom has to rescue her all the time!

    Glad that you had lots of fun with your friends!


  2. Having visitors can be very tiring. You need to catch up on your sleep!

  3. It is funny that Honey didn't even notice her paw and tail were in the water. Have a good nap Dexter.

  4. Your friends look and sound like a lot of fun. I bet you really miss them, but you do look comfy in your bed resting.


  5. Well I'm glad only a bit of Honey fell in water, poor girl!
    I bet your Mom is tired too!