Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dexter does agility live!

It's Thursday night. The weekly dose of humiliation at agility class, where instead of doing agility Dexter runs round the room.  Every week he does a couple of jumps, then runs round the room doing a lap of honour, or alternatively he rushes up to every human in the room sitting watching, and tries to get a cuddle.

I wouldn't mind but when he is good he is really good at agility. So tonight I am trying a new technique rather than running after him, when he runs off, I am going to carry on running the course, like a crazy lady, with no dog. The theory being he will come back to join in the fun. Lets see how we go. We will be back at 9.45pm.


So Dexter pulled his usual tricks tonight. I started an agility round he jumped once then ran off. So instead of following him to try to get his attention back, I ran as fast as I could to the other side of the room. Amazingly Dexter came running after me. After a couple of goes of trying this game, Dex actually ran some rounds with me. For the first time ever he was actually tired at the end of the lesson. The only snag being when Dexter decides to run a course you have to run with him, fast. So I am pretty tired too!


  1. Dexter,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am a beginner at agility and haven't signed up for an official class yet. Ya gotta work those humans...they just think they are too good for the agility thing. She'll appreciate it later. Now I'm following you, so we can keep up with all your adventures!

  2. My owners really like agility, and want to start. There is no agility place near us though.