Saturday, 14 January 2012

Goofy comes home

We had successfully introduced Millie our Labrador to Goofy the cocker spaniel, we hoped to adopt from Battersea Dogs Home. The last step before we could take Goofy home was a visit to the Battersea vet.

When I talk to friends who are considering getting a dog, especially if it is a first dog, I always try to persuade, them to consider a rescue. Not just because a rescue dog gets a new home. I think it’s beneficial to be matched with a dog that suits your circumstances, and to have the help and support of experts if you need it.

I have lost count of the number of people I have seen in dog classes, being dragged around the room by big bouncy dogs; or heard of someone getting a border collie that chews all the furniture through sheer boredom. A good rehoming charity won’t let you take home a dog you can’t cope with or that won’t suit your lifestyle.

When you take home a new dog or puppy there are a lot of things you need to organise, for example, somewhere for the dog to sleep, a trip to the vets for microchipping, an identity tag.  When we adopted Goofy many things were included in the £105 rehoming fee:
      Initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. 
      A collar, identification tag and lead. 
      Access to Battersea’s behaviour advice line for continued advice and support

In many cases your animal will be neutered. We also got free pet insurance, an information pack and a starter box of food. I think when taking a new dog home, it is great to have all of the above taken care of. Then you can focus all your energy on settling your dog in, and not having to rush out straight to the vets or pet shop. 

Finally with the visit to the vet over, and all the paperwork completed, we could take the newest member of our family home.  

I am not an expert in dog behaviour, rehoming or health issues. These are my own views.  Please talk to your vet or experts such as the Kennel Club, Dogs Trust or Battersea Dogs Home to find out more about any of the above issues

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