Friday, 6 January 2012

A dog called Goofy

When Millie our Labrador was two years old, we thought it would be great to get her a doggy companion.  This time around we really wanted to give a home to a dog in a rescue; rather than buy a new puppy.

We regularly checked the Battersea Dogs Home website for a suitable pal for Millie.  Battersea was special to me as I had attended a dog behaviour course there and loved the work they did. One day we saw a picture of a seven-month-old liver and white cocker spaniel. We thought she was gorgeous.

David my partner works near Battersea Dogs Home; the very next day he went into the home to enquire about the spaniel.  David was first asked to take part in a rehoming interview. This helps Battersea to understand your circumstances, and the sort of pet that would be suitable for you.

 David had not mentioned the spaniel we had seen on the website, in the interview.  But the lady carrying out the interview, explained that Battersea had family of seven cocker spaniel puppies for rehoming and she thought one of the puppies would be a good match for us. 

Battersea felt that it would probably be better, for our new dog to be a male, as we already had a bitch (female).   Battersea have found often a male and female dog will get along together well.
A male puppy from the cocker spaniel litter was brought into to meet David, as a potential match for us. Amazingly out of the hundreds of dogs at Battersea, we had been matched with the brother of the spaniel we had first seen on the website.  This seemed like a definite sign.

Goofy was adorable, and wanted nothing more to climb on David’s lap, and have lots of fuss and attention.   Before David could take Goofy home, both Millie and I had to meet Goofy and see how we all got along.

I am not an expert in dog behaviour, rehoming, or health issues. These are my own views.  Please talk to your vet or experts such as the Kennel Club, Dogs Trust, or Battersea Dogs Home, for professional doggy advice.

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