Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The odd couple

For nearly a year now I have had an odd couple visiting my garden, a wood pigeon and a ring dove.  These two always have the same routine. They arrive at around 5.30pm, they sit in on a telegraph pole for about 10 minutes watching what is going on in the garden, then they will fly down and visit the bird table.

I have other wood pigeons visit the garden and they travel in a flock of 6 or 7, I also have a pair of ring doves. I have seen the odd couple fly off together, on many occasions and I am 100% per cent convinced, they are a pair.

I wonder what has happened, did the pigeon take over an abandoned dove nest, and accidentally raise a baby dove, and is now wondering why her baby isn't growing.  Perhaps the pigeon was an orphan and the dove reared him. Or are they a couple and don't realise the other is not a dove/pigeon.

A Google search hasn't raised any evidence of similar couples, in fact people who rescue pigeons and doves recommend not mixing the two.

Weirdly I have seen members of the flock of pigeons, chase the pair of ring doves off the bird table. But my little odd couple seem to get a long just fine.

Perhaps they are two veteran birds, who have seen it all, and are sharing their retirement together. That would be nice.

The odd couple, you can just see the pigeon!


  1. Isn't nature wonderful! I love the odd couple and your bird table!

  2. What a wonderful story to observe.

  3. Ah. bless..... we have both around here too. The only problem we have is when they nest in the hedge :-) As they aren't good on landings. Especially when we have to duck for them when we are in the garden. More fond friends that's what we say.... Ah......
    :-) X X X