Monday, 6 February 2012

(No) Monday Mischief Millie

Luna, A Dog's Life
My sister Millie thinks that because all the other dogs have had a turn at Monday Mischief, she should have a turn. But I say no way. If I let Millie write on my blog you would all be at snooze town after two sentences. Millie is such a big sister. She loves rules, order and being good (apart from the brie stealing incident at Christmas, but I am not allowed to talk about that).

Here she is being good, not on the lead. BORING.... She should have run off, jumped in the stream, and then put her wet muddy paws on some people walking by. That's what I would do.

When Mum was doing some tidying she stacked our dog beds on top of each other. I sat in her bed for 2 minutes, just while Mum sorted things out, but because it was not my bed Millie actually sat on top of me. She said the rules are dogs stay in their own beds.

But when Millie's sleeping, I cuddle up to her, because even though she is very grown up my sister is very special.
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  1. Oh Dexter, your big sister is pretty cute! That picture of her sitting on you sure made me laugh! I think that counts for mischief!! LOL!

  2. It's important to have someone to snuggle with no matter how annoying they can be at other times.

  3. Aw, she sounds like a very good big sister! I love the dog bed picture of you two!

  4. ow...the last photo is so sweet. My turtles do that too.

    it's a good thing to have a sister, Dex :)

  5. Wow Millie is a goodie two shoes!! The last picture is so sweet and even though she does hardly no wrong, she's a sweetie!!


  6. Yeah...sisters are pretty cool! You two do look quite cozy in that last pic!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Well, hello there Miss Millie,
    My, my, you are one fine looking LabbieGirl...I think we might have a lot in common!